Replica Fendi Kan I Medium Bow Embroidered Shoulder Bag Beige

This season’s design inspiration comes from the famous Queen Mary and her palace gardens, she is also an influential figure in the art of Rococo. Many people may know that the Queen Mary because of the movie “absolutely stunning”, costumes and characters in the film, as well as the court garden really shocked! In the film, Queen Mary dressed in a striped puff skirt, layers of lace cuffs, as well as flowers, embroidery, straps and other elements, and even her afternoon tea pastry, decorative print in her palace in this season’s design can See, and many also applied to the design of Replica Fendi Handbags Kan I Medium Bow Embroidered Shoulder Bag Beige.

Speaking of Rococo, in fact, is an art style, popular in the eighteenth century Europe, the term “Rococo” was originally made of shells or small stone ornaments, its greatest feature is the delicate, sweet, gorgeous, Complex decoration to play to the extreme.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This season’s design is very Rococo overall, a lot of pink, soft lace and shell side design. Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld in this season, the various styles of design elements and clothing fabrics together to create contrast and collision of visual effects. In Replica Fendi Bags Spring and Summer 2017 show we can see that there are flowers, bows, lace, strapped with such a girlhood Rococo, you can also see the Bopp stripes, knit socks such a navy style, the elements of sports style .

One rivet bow One double double micro The other is a small Kan I, Replica Fendi Handbags unique rivets shaped like a cake decorated with butter cream, plus a touch of blue and pink together, like a French pastry, especially Impulse to eat! And the new short Strap You (short shoulder strap) special Meng, and Kan I is a perfect match!

Replica Fendi Handbags

This coupled with the show’s original distribution of pink pineapple and strap you short shoulder strap, has become a set of painted oil-like flowers, like Rococo period painting, full of artistic sense.

This doll is very large, can be used as clothing accessories wear, will be very personal, on the color choice of this double bow, the same paragraph has white.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This is the 2017 stripe fashion representative, Replica Fendi Bags these few seasons are constantly getting inspiration from the classic elements, Pequin stripes in the design of this season in particular, and combined with the representative design of the new generation of Fendi, hit a surprise effect. Like this only with a variety of small etiquette, Pequin streaks to break the rules of feeling. In fact, not only Fendi, all the brands in 2017 clothing leather goods are in the Daxing stripe design.

Of course, in addition to stripes, as well as jumping color lace, like the skirt skirt princess dress, sweet and fresh, spell color beauty like a quiet girl, summer has the temptation of ice cream, girl heart explode instantaneously.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Small Peekaboo, seems to fall into the Queen Mary’s garden, filled with a variety of flowers. Exquisite embroidery roses pattern, although pink girl, but it looks particularly advanced!

Large flat only not enough, as well as stitching with colored rivets on the large white Peekaboo too brilliant, light cream green oil side is very fresh.

Fendi 3Jours Mini Leather Tote Bag

Every year there will be a new bag launched, whether it is high-end brand or niche brand, can find a practical and the value of the burst table is really very, very difficult. In recent years, young FENDI seems to have changed, Replica Fendi Handbags launched by the packs sought after by the actress are aware of this charm is quite large, even the girlhood of Tiffany, fashion ladies Olivia Palermo, Korean singer Pei Xiuzhi, South Korea Actress Ji-Yuan et al are frequently carrying Fendi’s replica bag tote appeared in front of the camera, so much charm really want to study the reason why. Xiaobian introduced this bag you must know, it set fashion, practical, good-looking, durable in one, three fashion FENDI IT replica bag tote you can not know, to start the new bag of girls may wish to refer to see Look!

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Speaking of Replica Fendi Handbags, we can almost think of are small monster, Fendi 3Jours Mini Leather Tote Bag Blue turned out from the beginning into the small monster of the public view, to occupy the fashion hot list of high, for a time the street is full of Small monster, small monster hair ball, small monster bag. Until now, the popular index remains unabated, as a sign of Fendi, have to say, Karl Lafayette is really very powerful, can always combine the artistic and commercial just right.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Replica Fendi bag by the stars up to people’s welcome, from its high street shooting exposure rate can be seen. The Fendi burst models, but also one by one.

In the original design of the suture line to replace the seamless surface effect, the overall shape of the replica bag tote is more smooth and gorgeous, a kind of luxurious temperament low-key and personality. Bag color selection are low-key subtle tone of the main details of the internal workmanship with the full medium and large 2Jours the same middle zipper pockets can be used as a mezzanine to place some small carry-on items, located in the top of the dark button can strengthen the additional Security measures, removable shoulder strap, the use of this replica bag tote to increase the diversity. Lovely and elegant style is particularly suitable for Asian women to wear the best replica bag tote as usual. Bag famous Dalian Shu Qi, Emma Stone, South Korea popular actress Tiffany, Hideyoshi, Kun Ling and so choose different styles of 2Jours family members, each emitting a different style of fashion.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Blue soft calfskin tote bag with trim and hand-painted multicolored ribs. The same color of leather coated decorative bar and palladium metal accessories. Top zipper. Soft sheep leather lining, with a large zipper bag. Sewing buttonholes and FENDI ROMA logo. If you are tired of Peekaboo Replica Fendi Bags in recent years, as well as the small monsters of the steady female “killer”, then Jours series should be your heart good. Not so many complex colors to suffer the eyes, a single color is not monotonous people to see a long time will not be Niwai. Each as if in the outermost layer of the years of the gilt, so that the impact of the original color is no longer assertive, even red, will no longer say no to business occasions! FENDI FENDI neon blue soft calfskin shopping bag, burr trim. Matt carbon enamel trim, palladium profile and metal fittings. Top zipper. Pink soft sheepskin lining, with a large zipper pocket. Hand sewn button strips and FENDI ROMA logo.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By 2 Jours popular momentum, Fendi has launched a series of new members 3Jours. The source of the name: 2Jours in French means two days, 3Jours on behalf of three days. 2Jours retain the characteristics of the process, and its wings expanded design, to provide greater capacity. If 2Jours is a commuter bag, then 3Jours is the corresponding “weekend leisure” replica bag tote. The current size of a medium and small, the color of cobalt blue, bare powder, is red and other options, materials and more use of leather.

Although this year’s popular mini bag is not nothing new, but the fashion circle has always been the name of the “love for demon”, a small pendant to be fine to death, not to mention the golden age of the mini bag! With mini bag Popular, the major luxury goods also have launched their own pillars of BB models, SIZE is more and more exquisite pocket, has come to the point where even a IPHONE5 are not fit it!